Ring Sizing Guide

Here are some things to remember when looking to determine the right ring size to order:

  • The most accurate way of determining your ring size is to pop into your local jeweler and ask them to size your finger with their key chain sizing rings. Repeating this exercise at a few reputable jewelers will ensure you get the most accurate view on your finger size. Ask them to use a wide band sizer. All our rings are sized using the US systems with numbers ranging from 3-16 with half numbers where appropriate. If you need to convert to a different system please use the chart below:


  • It’s very important to remember that wider bands fit more tightly than narrower bands. Our men’s bands tend to be 8mm and our women’s bands 6mm or less. Please keep this in mind when ordering.
  • Make sure the ring sit’s comfortably on your finger, past the knuckle and slides on easily. If it takes a few seconds to get past your knuckle that’s perfectly normal and more common with men who tend to have larger knuckles.
  • The size of your fingers vary very slightly throughout the day. To ensure that the ring you purchase fits perfectly take your measurement under normal temperature and during the middle of the day, when your fingers are most likely to be at their normal size.
  • How snuggly a ring fits is often a personal preference rather than an exact science. It’s therefore advisable to wear a ring for a few days to see how it fits and if it’s comfortable. If after a few days it’s clearly not the right size get in touch with us at support@onlytungstenrings.com and we can discuss if an exchange is necessary.
  • Please remember the wider a ring is the more tighter it will fit.